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MY.SIZE Condoms

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What’s so special about MY.SIZE condoms?

MY.SIZE is all about the perfect fitting condom. Finding and using the correct condom is the key to enjoying more and being safer at the same time. “One size fits all” does definitely not apply to condoms. You wouldn’t buy shoes that are too small or too big and endure all the hassles that go with ill-fitting shoes, would you? No. So why do men do it then with condoms?

Using condoms should be easy and not a frustrating or even negative experience. If your condom is too tight, too loose, slips off or even breaks, leaves a red mark, dulls your experience and/or affects your orgasm, then you definitely need to check your condom size. Size really is important and should always come first when making your buying decision.

Thankfully with MY.SIZE you’ve now got a choice! By offering 7 different sizes (47 mm – 69 mm widths) it is the only condom brand for retail that focuses solely on the crucial factor size. Moreover, all 7 condom sizes have the same form, which makes comparing sizes within the MY.SIZE condom range very easy. Add in that MY.SIZE condoms are German made, high quality condoms that surpass the international standard ISO 4074 and you know you’ve made the right choice!

New Zealand

MY.SIZE condoms are registered with New Zealand's Medsafe WAND database (Medsafe, New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority: A business unit of The Ministry of Health). bizSearch Ltd is the registered sponsor for MY.SIZE condoms in New Zealand.


Aren’t there already enough condoms on the shelf? Surely they cover all condom sizes?

Yes, there are lots of condoms on the shelf. But sadly no, they only cover a very small size range. Go to a supermarket and see for yourself. Have a look at all the condom sizes there and check where on the package you can see what size it is.

Usually the condom size range in New Zealand supermarkets and pharmacies is between 52 mm and 56 mm widths, sometimes (very rarely) 58 mm width. If your condom size happens to be in that range, great for you! You’ll have plenty of choice. But if not…..then you’re simply left in the lurch (unless you happen to shop in one of the supermarkets that do stock MY.SIZE). And that's why you need MY.SIZE with its 7 condom sizes.

By the way, recent studies* on erect penis size found widths of 58.33 - 61.15 mm to be average size...That bears the question if you really fit into this narrow condom size range offered in stores. So, what's your correct condom size? Let's #measureup58!

*Herbenick D, Reece M, Schick V, Sanders SA. Erect penile length and circumference dimensions of 1,661 sexually active men in the United States. J Sex Med. 2014 Jan, 11(1):93-101.
Veale D, Miles S, Bramley S, Muir G, Hodsoll J. Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15,521 men. BJU Int. 2014 Dec 8.

Is it really necessary to have the right condom size?

Yes, it is. Otherwise why bother, right? We could actually ask you the same. Don’t you want to have a great experience, simply feel more and know you’ll be safer?

Many studies show that ill-fitting condoms are a critical issue. For instance in two studies by Crosby et al (2010, 2013) over 40% of the men reported having at least one problem with wearing a condom that didn’t fit right. Problems listed were e.g. decreased sensation and pleasure, lack of naturalness, pain and discomfort, slippage and breakage. Those that were experiencing problems were also more likely to remove the condom too early….and that’s not good. There are more studies like that out there. We’ve put together a list (and by no means complete) of studies investigating condom fit and related issues.

The percentage of men having issues with ill-fitting condoms might very well be even higher. Why? Because many men don’t even realise the condom is actually ill-fitting and think it’s normal to have these problems. Well, it’s not. What is more, men who are frustrated because of this will try to avoid using condoms all together and who could fault them for that? And that’s why it is not only necessary, but essential to have the right size.

Crosby RA, Milhausen RR, Mark KP, Yarber WL, Sanders SA, Graham CA. Understanding problems with condom fit and feel: an important opportunity for improving clinic-based safer sex programs. J Prim Prev. 2013 Apr, 34(1-2):109-15.
Crosby RA, Yarber WL, Graham CA, Sanders SA. Does it fit okay? Problems with condom use as a function of self-reported poor fit. Sex Transm Infect. 2010, Feb, 86(1):36-8

So if I have a condom with the right fit, then what?

Then you’ll simply feel more and be safer at the same time. And oh, the difference a perfect-fitting condom makes…..

How do I actually know my or my partner’s condom doesn't fit correctly? 

Possible signs of using the wrong condom size are: condom slips off or breaks, is too tight, too loose or too long, cuts of the blood flow, leaves a red mark at the base, dulls the sensation, makes it harder to reach an orgasm, affects your erection or any combination of the above. Sounds familiar?

To avoid all this, check your correct condom size before you buy a condom and save yourself the hassle. Simply download our MY.SIZE measuring tape and find your perfect fitting condom.

I thought latex condoms stretch anyway. So why does condom size matter?

Yes, latex stretches, but only so much. If a condom is stretched too much to fit, then it will get too tight and simply uncomfortable. It can even leave a read mark at the base of the penis and affect your blood flow. Stretch the condom too much and it very likely will break. Obviously, if you have a condom that fits just right, you don’t have to deal with any of this.

How do I find my correct size?

Easy! Just download our MY.SIZE measuring tape, cut out the measuring tape part, carefully wrap it around the thickest part of your erect penis and start measuring. Make sure you measure your erect penis circumference (girth), because that’s important, not its length!

If you don’t have a printer handy, you can always use a normal measuring tape and follow the same steps above to get your erect penis circumference. And if you don't have a tape either, then just use a strip of paper, wrap it around your penis, mark your circumference and then use a ruler to measure the paper strip up to your mark to get your erect penis circumference.

Here are our MY.SIZE condom size recommendations in regard to erect penis circumference. By the way in case you wonder, condom widths are nothing other than penis circumferences divided by two.

  • MY.SIZE 47 mm: 9.5 – 10 cm 
  • MY.SIZE 49 mm: 10 - 11 cm 
  • MY.SIZE 53 mm: 11 – 11.5 cm 
  • MY.SIZE 57 mm: 11.5 - 12 cm 
  • MY.SIZE 60 mm: 12 - 13 cm 
  • MY.SIZE 64 mm: 13 - 14 cm
  • MY.SIZE 69 mm: 14 - 15 cm 

Tip: If you’d like to have more time during sex or want to feel more, then try one condom size bigger or smaller. Simply experiment with the different sizes. It is most important though that the condom doesn’t slip off or restrict you!

How do I know if the MY.SIZE measuring tape has been printed correctly?

It is really, really important that you select “Actual Page” size or disable the “Page Scaling” function (depending on what program you use for printing). This ensures that the MY.SIZE measuring tape prints out correctly. We recommend you download the MY.SIZE measuring tape and then print it. If you’re unsure, simply use a normal measuring tape and check the erect penis circumferences (see above question). And don’t forget, the girth is important, not the length!

Why it’s good to use the MY.SIZE range to find the right condom?

Because all MY.SIZE condoms use the same shape, texture, thickness and material. You’re actually comparing the same type of condom with each other, making it really easy. The only thing that's changed is size, nothing else. It’s just like when you’ve found a shoe you like, but have to try different sizes to find the one that fits just right. You wouldn’t try another model or make for that, would you?

Which MY.SIZE condom sizes are available?

MY.SIZE condoms come in 7 sizes, which fit nearly every penis size. Use our MY.SIZE measuring tape to find the perfect condom for you. Here are our MY.SIZE condom size recommendations in regard to erect penis circumference. The condom width is actually calculated by dividing the penis circumference by two.

  • MY.SIZE 47 mm condom: 9.5 – 10 cm
  • MY.SIZE 49 mm condom: 10 - 11 cm
  • MY.SIZE 53 mm condom: 11 – 11.5 cm
  • MY.SIZE 57 mm condom: 11.5 - 12 cm
  • MY.SIZE 60 mm condom: 12 - 13 cm
  • MY.SIZE 64 mm condom: 13 - 14 cm
  • MY.SIZE 69 mm condom: 14 - 15 cm 

I find unrolling condoms really tricky. What’s the story with MY.SIZE condoms?

Unrolling a MY.SIZE condom is really easy, simply because less force is needed. You’ll see it for yourself, when you try a MY.SIZE condom.

What material is used? How can I be sure the quality is great?

All MY.SIZE condoms are made from natural rubber latex. Only the best raw materials are sourced. MY.SIZE is actually one of the few condom brands worldwide that is manufactured 100% in-house. MY.SIZE condoms surpass the international standard ISO 4074. They are designed and produced by R&S consumer goods GmbH in Germany. R&S consumer goods GmbH is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified for the design, production and distribution of condoms.

Are MY.SIZE condoms lubricated?

Yes, all MY.SIZE condoms are lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. If you need additional lubrication, please make sure you use a latex-compatible lubricant. A latex compatible lubricant is water-based or silicone-based. Please do not use oil-based lubricants made with petroleum jelly such as Vaseline, mineral oil, vegetable oil or cold cream. The same applies to coconut oil, lotions and massage oils. Stay away from them when using latex condoms as all of these materials can break down latex and may damage your MY.SIZE condom. So please avoid them.

How thick are MY.SIZE condoms?

All MY.SIZE condoms are 0.07 mm thick to make comparing different sizes easier.

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