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‘Tis the season … to be prepared (A woman's perspective)


With the summer holidays almost upon us, there’s lots to look forward to – parties, meeting new people and hopefully lots of sunshine!

Just like putting sunscreen on before going out and enjoying the sun or swimming between the flags, it’s important to be prepared for any unexpected ‘steamy’ situations. Here at iCopona it’s always a busy time of year and we wanted to share some tips with you to stay safe this holiday season.

Carry condoms with you, but make sure it’s the right size

This time of year is great to meet new people – at a friend’s party, the office Christmas do, on the beach or wherever you’re spending your holidays. If you’re not in a steady relationship, this is your chance to find that special man. Whether you’re looking for someone to grow old with or just have fun for one night, with a little preparation you can protect yourself and your partner against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.


  • Firstly, by being aware that one size doesn’t fit all. Condom size does matter. Condoms too tight or too loose are an issue, more often than you think. And let’s face it. The consequences of that aren’t great at all. Lack of enjoyment is the lesser evil of them!
  • Secondly, by knowing what to measure. It’s the girth (circumference) of the erect penis that matters for condom size. So to get the right size, a good place to start is to actually measure his penis with the MY.SIZE measuring tape, but really any measuring tape will do.
  • And thirdly, by getting the right sized condom. MY.SIZE condoms come in 7 sizes - from 47 mm to 69 mm width, covering almost all penis sizes. Ideally, you’ll carry a measuring tape and all 7 sizes with you to make sure you’re really prepared for all eventualities. Granted, that might be too much, but luckily we’ve also got 5 different MY.SIZE Test Packs here at ICopona, each with 3 different condom sizes and a measuring tape to make it easier to find the perfect fitting condom. Grab your MY.SIZE Test Packs and you’ll always carry several size options with you.

Having the Condom Conversation

So you’ve met someone special and you’re about to take the next step. Just carrying condoms with you isn’t going to cut it, you will need to have that conversation… yes the one, where you talk about protecting yourself and your partner before it’s too late.

Let’s be really clear, carrying condoms with you doesn’t imply you’re ‘easy’, but rather that you’re prepared and take protecting yourself and your partner against unwanted pregnancy and STIs seriously. It’s about respect and responsibility for yourself and your partner.

Having the ‘Condom Conversation’ can seem a bit difficult, or even a bit embarrassing. But it doesn’t have to be.

It helps to know what a condom looks like, how it works, and what it's like to handle one. Buy a box of condoms, so you can familiarise yourself before your talk.

Then, to get comfortable with talking about condoms with a partner, practice some opening lines. Sometimes people don’t like to use protection for sex, so it can be helpful to think about how you might respond if you’re ever with a partner who doesn’t want to use a condom. Remember, you have a right to protect yourself and your health, and using condoms is a way to take care of your partner too – so you’re not being selfish at all. Here are some common objections and possible answers;

They say: Sex with condoms just isn’t enjoyable.

You say: Is no sex more enjoyable?

They say: You’re on the pill.

You say: I know, but that won’t protect against STIs.

They say: They don’t make condoms big enough.

You say: Don’t worry, I have condoms from MY.SIZE and they come in 7 different sizes, so there’s definitely one that fits!

They say: It puts me right out of the mood.

You say: Having unsafe sex puts me right out of the mood. Permanently.

They say: Are you nervous about catching something?

You say: Sometimes people don't even know when they have infections, so it's better to be safe.

They say: I don’t like using condoms. They are so uncomfortable.

You say: Then you haven’t found the right one. Let’s measure first and then get a MY.SIZE Test Pack and find the one that fits perfectly.

They say: We’re monogamous, we don’t need them.

You say: How about we get tested first.

They say: If you loved me, you’d agree.

You say: If you loved me, you’d wear one.

They say: I don’t have a condom with me.

You say: ‘It’s ok, I’ve got some’ and pull out your MY.SIZE Test Pack.

Ideally, you should discuss using condoms long before you get to the bedroom (or wherever takes your fancy), but, if you’re having a one-night stand, or the sex is unplanned, it’s not always possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, pull one out and say ‘condom?’ before you’re about to have sex. It really is as simple as that.

Protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs

If you use condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they're 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. In this case ‘perfect use’ means using condoms consistently and correctly. With typical use (like when you put it on incorrectly, don't use it the whole time, or don't use it every time), the failure rate goes up to 18 percent. There are lots of online videos that show you how to put on a condom correctly.

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and so do condoms. Without a properly fitting condom, you don’t have the contraceptive benefit of using it. A too-tight condom might break more easily, and a too-big condom might come off too easily. When the whole point is to create a barrier strong enough to withstand ejaculation, correct fit is vital!

So if your partner is using a condom that is clearly not the right size, say something. Yes, it can be an awkward conversation to have, but your safety matters more. And don’t forget, it can actually fun to try out different condom sizes together to find the perfect fitting one.

Find the MY.SIZE condom Test Packs  here

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