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Why should you care about condom size?


The answer is simple - because it impacts on your sexual well-being and safety! Condoms as a means of contraception are great, but only if they work properly. If condoms don't fit correctly, then they might slip off because they're too loose or they might break because they're too tight.

Research shows this is a common issue and as a result, 
condoms are used less, not at all or only because there's no other choice. In addition, when a condom is used, men generally have to use whatever condom size is available even if they don't fit. This can have serious consequences, from catching STIs to unwanted pregnancies. 

Imagine being able to use your correct size condom, giving you proper protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. MY.SIZE condoms come in 7 sizes - from 47 mm to 69 mm width - and only MY.SIZE New Zealand offers a range of test packs to help you find the perfect size. With so much choice you can finally find your perfect fitting condom.

Find your perfect fitting MY.SIZE condom size here

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