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OHROPAX Earplugs

Why OHROPAX earplugs? What’s so special about them?

Why? Because OHROPAX is not only the world-leader when it comes to contemporary, innovative and premium earplugs, but also the inventor of the first commercial earplug, OHROPAX Classic, over 100 years ago. Since then OHROPAX has been focusing on providing “luxury for your ears”, engineering and manufacturing earplugs to the highest standards in their factory in Wehrheim, Germany.

And what is more, OHROPAX offers you a wide range of earplugs to suit your needs. So regardless of your preferences (foam vs. silicon vs. wax), ear canal size (including children), different noise levels, frequencies and type of applications (noise, water or wind protection) with OHROPAX you’ll definitely find earplugs that fit right and really work. You’ll find more information on OHROPAX on www.ohropax.de/en.

Can I still hear my alarm when using earplugs?

Yes, you can. Sound can never be blocked out 100% as it’s also conveyed to some extent through the skin and cranial bone. Even with well-fitting earplugs you are never entirely sealed off from your environment.

From what age are earplugs suitable for children?

Only users themselves can speak about the reliable effectiveness of earplugs. Smaller children are generally unable to do so. Moreover, earplugs could also be swallowed and get stuck in the windpipe. OHROPAX therefore recommends using earplugs from six years of age and only under adult supervision. You can choose between OHROPAX Mini Soft, a foam earplug, and OHROPAX Mini Silicon, a silicone earplug. Both have been especially designed with children and adults with smaller ear canals in mind.

Alternatively, you can use OHROPAX Windwolle, an earplug made out of sheepwool impregnated with a water-repellent substance without noise protection, to use for cold, windy or wet weather and/or activities such as washing hair or having a shower. OHROPAX Windwolle is also a useful precautionary measure in case of grommets and middle ear infections. 

Are there earplugs that fit well even in narrow auditory canals?

Yes, there are. In fact, you have several options. You can use ON-EAR earplugs such as OHROPAX Classic, OHROPAX Silicon, OHROPAX Mini Silicon, OHROPAX Silicon Clear or OHROPAX Silicon Aqua, which work before the ear canal. These mouldable earplugs are placed in front of the opening of the auditory canal and pressed in gently. Regardless of your ear canal size these ON-Earplugs provide a tight seal against noise, wind and even water (only with silicone earplugs).

Alternatively, you can try OHROPAX Mini Soft, an IN-EAR earplug, which works directly in the ear canal. Soft and anatomically shaped this foam earplug has been specially made to fit smaller ear canals. This makes OHROPAX Mini Soft not only ideal for adults with smaller ear canals, but also for children (recommended from age 6 onwards with adult supervision). OHROPAX Mini Soft also features one of the highest decibel ratings (SNR = 35 dB) for foam earplugs giving you optimum protection for really noisy stuff!

What’s the difference between an IN-EAR earplug and an ON-EAR earplug?

IN-EAR earplugsIN-EAR earplugs act directly in the ear canal. The resilient foam plugs are tightly rolled, inserted deep into the ear canal and held for 30 to 60 seconds until they have been fully extended. Lamellae plugs are inserted directly using the handle. IN-EAR earplugs provide a higher noise level protection and can therefore be used for noise over 85 dB. IN-EAR earplugs are OHROPAX Soft, OHROPAX Mini Soft, OHROPAX Color and OHROPAX Multi.

ON-EAR earplugsON-EAR earplugs act before the ear canal. They are rolled into a ball, placed in front of the ear canal opening and gently pressed. This makes a tight seal. Since the ear canal is covered with an earplug from the outside, ear canal size doesn’t matter. ON-EAR earplugs are made of skin-friendly, formable materials (wax/cotton wool or silicone) and suitable for "non-classic noise areas". ON-EAR earplugs are OHROPAX Classic, OHROPAX Silicon, OHROPAX Mini Silicon, OHROPAX Silicon Clear and OHROPAX Silicon Aqua.

So how do you decide which of these two earplug types is the right one for you? In the end it all comes down to your own preference and what you’re using the earplugs for.

How do I insert foam earplugs (= IN-EAR earplugs) easiest?

The best way is by putting one hand over your head and pulling your ear slightly upwards. This allows you to straighten the auditory canal a little. Then the earplug can be inserted easily. 

I don't like it when my ears start hurting from the cold and wind outside, but still want to hear what's around me. Are there any earplugs for this?

Yes, there are! OHROPAX Windwolle is your perfect companion for outdoor activites. These preformed earplugs made out of natural sheep wool have been especially designed to keep your ears warm and dry regardless of wind and weather. What is more, as OHROPAX Windwolle does not block out any noise, you'll still hear everything around you. Feel safe and protected when going for a run, a bike ride or simply enjoying the outdoors. OHROPAX Windwolle is also a useful precautionary measure in case of grommets and middle ear infections. We recommend to consult your ear, nose and throat specialist before using it for such purposes.

I don't like my ears to get wet when having a shower or washing my hair. Which earplugs should I use?

There are severaly options available. All earplugs made out of silicone such as OHROPAX Silicon, OHROPAX Silicon Clear, OHROPAX Mini Silicon and OHROPAX Silicon Aqua provide you with a tight seal against water.

However, we recommed you use OHROPAX Windwolle for these activities. These specially designed earplgus are made from natural sheep wool and impregnated with a water-repellent substance. OHROPAX Windwolle earplugs are not only easy to insert and comfortable to wear, but most importantly do not impair your hearing or the normal ventilation of your ears. They can also be used for children's ears. 

Does OHROPAX help with ear pressure on aeroplanes?

There is no clear scientific evidence as to whether earplugs can reduce pressure "externally". However, OHROPAX earplugs create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, especially in the case of loud ambient flight noises. So you can actually relax during flying. This is even helpful for those with a fear of flying. 


I don't like to get water in my ears while swimming? Which earplugs should I use?

We recommend OHROPAX Silicon Aqua. It's been specifically designed for swimming. These light blue earplugs give you the best protection against water in your ears. They're made out of skin-friendly and waterproof silicone. Easy to mould, they adapt to each ear and keep your ear canal dry. So you don’t have to worry and can simply enjoy the water. 

Can I use OHROPAX to help with tinnitus?

Sadly, no. Unfortunately, earplugs cannot help with tinnitus itself. However, those affected by tinnitus are often particularly sensitive to noise and should avoid loud noise, racket and loud music. For this, OHROPAX is certainly a great help.

Can earplugs be used for diving?

No! Earplugs should generally not be used for diving as they impede the necessary pressure equalisation.

Can OHROPAX earplugs be reused?

Yes, with the exception of OHROPAX Classic, all OHROPAX earplugs can be reused. Please ensure that your fingers, ears and earplugs are clean and dry. Then OHROPAX earplugs can be reused as long as they still feel pleasantly soft and cushioning.

OHROPAX Color, OHROPAX Soft, OHROPAX Mini Soft and all OHROPAX Silicon earplugs can be cleaned with water and a mild soap up to five times, OHROPAX Multi even continuously.

If you use OHROPAX Windwolle, then please carefully squeeze out any remaining moisture once you have removed them from your ear. Leave the plugs to thoroughly air dry. OHROPAX Windwolle cannot be cleaned with soap as this may remove their water-repellent impregnation. 

OHROPAX Classic is a single-use earplug, because wax cannot be cleaned.

Is it normal that I can hear my own pulse?

Yes, it is. Especially people using earplugs for the first time are often aware of their own pulse. Due to the quietness produced, it is possible to "listen in" to your own body. This is completely harmless and will quickly pass.

Can OHROPAX earplugs be used every day?

Essentially, yes. It is recommended though to take a temporary break from earplugs, especially after using them for several hours (e.g. during a night's sleep). This is to ensure that your ears can be well aerated again.

Does OHROPAX contain latex? PVC? Plasticisers?

OHROPAX exclusively uses safe and tested materials. All OHROPAX earplugs are free of latex, PVC and plasticisers.

How tightly do OHROPAX earplugs seal while swimming?

Silicone earplugs from OHROPAX, e.g. OHROPAX Silicon Aqua and OHROPAX Mini Silicon, are particularly secure and tight. However, in the case of vigorous movement, they may loosen and then are no longer 100% tight.

Why are OHROPAX Classic wax earplugs wrapped in cotton wool?

OHROPAX Classic's outer layer of cotton wool is essential for the manufacturing process. It also makes it easier to remove the wax earplugs from the packaging. Please remove the cotton wool before inserting into your ear.

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